Whispers for Women Natural Feminine Spray, Odor Neutralizer, Blocks Odor Causing Bacteria, Postpartum Spray, Soothing, Freshening by Karess Krafters Apothecary

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    Whispers for Women Feminine Spray is a quick and easy way to feel fresh and ready to take on the day! The soothing aloe and witch hazel extracts in this spray for the external vulva area rapidly calm irritation and give you that cool, fresh feeling. This safe and effective freshener relieves discomfort from vaginal dryness and helps with chafing and irritation after shaving. BONUS: it also works as a quick, cooling deodorant for the underarm
    Use to freshen linens, menstrual cup, panties, pantyliners, and pads, as the natural aromas of its rose and lavender ingredients are light, sweet, and clean.
    * ALOE VERA, to protect and moisturize membranes while calming inflamed skin
    * ROSE WATER, a traditional ingredient with very mild antibacterial properties and a skin-soothing effect
    * WITCH HAZEL, to temporarily relieve surface discomfort
    * LAVENDER WATER, to relax the skin and naturally protect irritated areas

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