Valmy Quimica Endurecedora + Garlic and Lemon – Nail Hardener Strengthener Whitening Polish Treatment

Product Features

  • PROTECTION AND STRENGTH: Creates a protective barrier that makes nails resistant to breakage, peeling, cracking and bacteria
  • NO MORE YELLOW STAINS: Our formula includes Lemon, a natural bleaching agent that also moisturizes cuticles
  • FAST ACTION: Garlic helps nails to grow faster & stronger. Quick dry, with noticeable changes after as little as 3 applications. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • HELP YOUR NAILS RECOVER after acrylics, outdoor exposure and other nail damage
  • CAUTION: If you feel a burning sensation, or a persistent discomfort, suspend use. Avoid cuticles. Ingredients include: Butyl Acetate, Toluene, Ethyl Acetate and Formaldehyde. Ingredients are approved by the FDA for use in nail hardeners
Price: $13.99
(as of 10/18/2019 07:32 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Constantly exposing nails to acrylics, nail polishes, pollution and even sun or winter can damage nail health.
Give them some rest with our Nail Polish combo! Make nails grow faster and stronger while looking healthy and beautiful.

About Valmy Quimica Endurecedora

Valmy Quimica Endurecedora prevents and corrects the breaking, thinning and cracking of nails. It forms a permanent
protective barrier that transforms weak and flaky nails into strong and unbreakable ones! This wonderful product increases
the thickness and improves the condition of your nails. Results can be noticed in as little as 3 applications.

About Valmy Garlic and Lemon Nail Hardener

Garlic: As an old remedy to strengthen weak and brittle nails, garlic heals them, while correcting and preventing breakage,
fragility and bacteria.

Lemon: This is a natural bleaching agent that helps to whiten nails and moisturize cuticles. Lemon also
has vitamins and antioxidants that fight weakness. Valmy Garlic and Lemon Nail Hardener combines the best of both
ingredients in a very convenient, fast dry formula. No more weak, brittle and yellow nails for you!

Easy to apply: just one thin coat, and you are done!

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