Natural Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Wipes from 1790 Are the Best Gentle Towelettes For Your Face – Remove Eye Makeup – Kind to Your Skin – Blemish Free Finish (25 Count, Pack of 6)

Product Features

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & LOVE TRAVEL - when your day is done and you remove your makeup , you might not always be at home. That's why each pack of wipes is designed to travel. Each pack weighs only 6 ounces - about the same weight as a shiny red apple. So, you'll hardly even know they're in your gym, purse or overnight bag.
  • WIPE IT AWAY WITH EASE - At the end of a long day, when you remove your makeup, it's about more than JUST removing your makeup. It's time to wipe the day away, too. You can breathe easy when you inhale, the light fresh scent of the natural ingredient wipes and know that this gentle cleanser will make your makeup (and the day's stresses) disappear.
  • SENSITIVE IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES - the wipes are gentle enough to be used around sensitive eyes, and are safe for even contact lens wearers, but they're strong enough to remove all of your makeup - even hard to remove, waterproof mascara.
  • STOP BREAKOUTS BEFORE THEY START - when you use these makeup remover wipes, you're removing more than just makeup. You're also removing oil, dirt, dead skin - all of the impurities that can cause terrible breakouts if not cleaned and removed properly. These acne removing wipes are great for men and women!
  • WATER BASED - when you're removing your makeup, you're also removing oil, and the daily dirt your skin accumulates throughout the course of any given day. These makeup remover wipes will wipe away ALL of your makeup - even oils. And because they're water based, there's no need to wash your face when you're done. Just wipe, swipe, and you're finished.
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Product Description

These wipes are water based, so they won’t leave behind any heavy residue like oils or soaps. The next main ingredient is Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil. We chose this natural ingredient for three key reasons. At 1790, we believe that anything that goes on your face should be clean, pure and natural enough to put in your body. We’re not exactly suggesting you eat them…we haven’t tried that. But, Olive Fruit Oil is actually an edible oil created by the crushing of the ripe fruit (olives) of Olea europaea. It’s natural, and we absolutely love using ingredients from plants that take very processing to become a usable material. Most importantly…it’s got history. Olea Europaea has been used safely for THOUSANDS of years for clean, blemish free skin that glows. When you use it, you’ll find it serves as a nourishing moisturizer and helps comfort delicate skin. Designed for thorough cleansing for Sensitive Skin If you’ve ever used a gel, liquid, or other type of wipe to clean your face, you know that there are a lot of other products out there the use harsh detergents, oil, and even alcohol to remove tough makeup. It might “work” in the short term, and get your face clean. But we’ve found the downside to this is dry, dehydrated skin that gets itchy – and worse, even burns, flakes, or gets red. One Step MakeUp removal Remove your Makeup and leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth as a baby’s butt. Makeup Remover Cleansing effectively dissolve dirt, oil and makeup – even waterproof mascara. In a single step, it will leave your complexion clean and glowing without a trace of impurities. Since our makeup remover wipes are Alcohol Free, you never have to worry about them overdrying your dehydrating or damaging your skin. Strong enough to remove the day’s dirt, your skins (and your makeups) oil, all without leaving behind any film from soaps or astringents Unmask in just one simple swipe. towelettes pads moisturizing face wipes night oily skin organic bulk exfoliating

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