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Product Features

  • Produce a powerful, consistent mist to open & unclog pores, remove skin dirt, oil & makeup.
  • Work for face humectant, cleansing pores, clearing blackheads. Help with acne blackheads extraction.
  • Promote blood circulation, improve cell vitality and oxygen absorption through skin.
  • A UV lamp sterilizes steam can reach your skin with the purest most effective condition.
  • More effective effect in penetrating skin, supplement moisture, improve skin nutritional absorbency.
(as of 01/17/2020 10:33 UTC - Details)

Product Description

1. High-tech ozone function is provided to sterilize. A UV lamp sterilizes steam so that it can reach your skin with purest most effective condition.
2. It is an effective way to soften the cuticle, Open & Unclogs Pores and improve the nutritional absorbency. It can soften the cuticle, restore smooth, delicate skin and improve skin’s absorbency.
3. Nano ion permeates deeply into the skin to moisturize quickly. It takes an advanced miniaturized PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce a visibly strong steam instantly.
4.Warm mist ionic portable face steamer humidifier works for beauty facial treatment. Facial sauna spa quality system skin kit with automatic shut-off timer setting, it is designed for skin moisturizing.

1. Before using the steamer for the first time, please let it run with a full tank of water with a few drops of lemonade for removing a bit of odor from manufacturing.
2. When adding water, please gently pull out the water tank vertically from the back of the steamer, and then twist off the round lid at the bottom of the tank to fill water.
3. The distance between the steamer and face should be 7-8″ inches (20cm) when steaming. A full tank of water can be steamed for about 8-10 minutes.

Product name: Warm Mist Facial Steamer
Rate Voltage: AC 110-120V
Power: 280W
Rate Frequency: 60Hz

1* Facial steamer
1* User Manual

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