Earth Therapeutics Reflexology Foot Massage Lotion

Product Features

  • increases blood circulation, revitalizes energy
  • reduces stress through mind-calming infusion of aromatherapeutic scents
  • natural, greaseless lotion with NO mineral oil
  • conditions and softens dry skin and calluses
(as of 01/17/2020 10:08 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Reflexology stays in the idea that the feet include “response” stress factors that mirror the stress factors situated throughout the whole body, as well as that by rubbing as well as controling the response factors in the feet, important “chi” power is balanced throughout the whole body. This causes a selection of restorative advantages, such as boosted blood flow, renewed power, as well as stress and anxiety decrease.
Created to improve as well as enhance all the wellness advantages of reflexology, this alternative foot massage therapy has a relaxing, mind soothing mixture of aromatherapeutic lavender mixed right into an all-natural greaseless base that permits the hands to slide quickly over the feet. Wild Mint promotes flow to revitalize, while recovery, cleansing Australian Tea Tree Oil as well as beneficial botanicals gives the included advantage of conditioning and also softening completely dry, broken skin as well as calluses.

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